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Astronomy Software Astronomy Software. Areas of the known universe are represented using actual astronomical data, while regions uncharted by astronomy are generated procedurally. You do need openGl drivers for the video card.

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What a wonderful thing! Redshift is a program that used to be Macintosh only, and doesn't seem to skyglohe to go away. So basically Stellarium will run great, even with Firefox running a dozen tabs, just so long as I stay inside Stellarium!

DeepSky - This program is a large and useful program. I'm running StarCalc now, for instance, and it doesn't seem to simulate the night sky so much as produce a star map.

Net Updates - for those Visual Studio. You are probably a bit far away for the drop in though.

Free sky/planetarium software [Archive] - IceInSpace

It's frustrating because it's such a great program. It wihdows my windoqs, and before it crashed it, slowed it down heaps. Stellarium takes most of the processor capacity. A quick setup to tell the program where you live will allow it to list available DeepSky objects in view for the evening. This will be the longest list as there are many of these types of programs available. Do you get an error saying that another surface can't be created or words to that effect.

Some sites on the web state that Stellarium has a "frame rate limiter" but there seems to be no way to adjust the frame rate manually. View Full Version here: Be sure to give it a go! So I switched off all the fancy stuff ground, atmosphere, twinkle - everything but stars and things till got extremely slow when I switched apps but I managed to get out of Stellarium before a total crash.

At a screen size of x the display slows considerably down to 6 Fps and If I load star catalogues 7 or 8 down to about 4 Fps. Astromagic - The software allows the user to extract highly accurate astrometric measurements of sources from FITS images. So far the most easily accessible program I've found is Skyglobe http: But so are others.

I'll try doing as you suggested and let you know how it goes! Keeping with the freeware theme, the third free bit of software is an up-and-coming simple yet capable sky charting program called Asynx Planetarium. You do know who Buzz Aldrin is, right? Astronomical image processing tutorial.

Mars and moon appearance features as visible from Earth is displayed accurately, for Jupiter you have to enter Red spot longitude. I tested this program and found it does skygobe it is supposed to do.

Astronomy Software

Windows 7 and 64bit OS's are supported. It's a planetarium, can show winrows the area you are pointing your device as long as you have GPS, and offers some news and basic Solar System data Redshift - planetarium software Sky Master - planetarium software Solar Walk - from the makers of Star Walk. The benefit of using TheSky is their extensive database, ability to remotely control a computerized telescope, and work seamlessly with their other popular product, CCDSoft.

Earlier versions of Stellarium ran at up to 25 Fps.

It also graphs out orbital position and distance from host star as well as how the discovery was made Kepler - just like Exoplanet with the database of winvows, but limits the list to discoveries made by the Kepler probe HubbleZoom - An image gallery of Hubble Space Telescope images, though not the best interface Gravilux - advertised as a game, this program is interesting as it uses the n-body equations to simulate a galaxy merger iCSC - winndows Clear Sky Chart for IOS iNEO - a list of asteroids closest to Earth Cosmic - The American Museum of Natural History app displaying a zoomable mosaic of Saturn comprised of hundred's of images Nebulae - an image gallery winddows nebula Our Solar System - an image gallery of Solar System images GoSkyWatch - planetarium software that uses GPS SkyQ - planetarium app by Celestron.

There seems to be no way to reduce the frame rate from within the program.

Astronomy Software

And if windoss observatory has public viewing sessions or star parties, please tell me! Stellarium uses a high frame rate - turn that down in the options and you might find it work better for your machine. The World Wide Telescope allows the user access to just about every image taken from just about every space probe there is.

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