Avid liquid 7.2 titledeko

Tue, Aug 21 3: It's working on Vista 64 machine but there is a trick to installing it. Oldest to newest Newest to oldest Previous Next.

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Gene, Looking at this a little more, I found that you can just leave Pro installed but rename it adding titlfdeko extra letter onto 'exe' works.

The other way to get XP for a reasonable extra cost would be titleseko purchase an additional hard drive we can always use more drive space and have the technician install an OEM version of XP on it in a dual boot configuration. In fact it is so fast to load it's kind of shocking. Center Text - how tough should that be? Reply Contact I think that is a bad translation from the German.

Oldest to newest Newest to oldest Previous Next. So, this is something which the developers should either fix or remove. Reply Contact The manual tells about the control panel setting I mentioned but also says it is not supported.

It seems odd that both Avid and Title Deko are owned by the same company yet they are not fully compatible. Sun, Sep 2 3: Liquid is only certified to ttledeko under XP Pro and Home.

Title Deko Pro with Avid Liquid 7

This is not good for future business. Now one may blame them for this unwise move but does that do any good for Liquid?

Right click on that file and select Properties from the popup menu.

George, I understand what you are saying, and I will not spend the money for Vista as long as XP is supported. Is any other serious product of Avid Vista capable?

Studio 11 ,liquid 7. Sun, Sep 2 6: Oldest to newest Newest to oldest Previous Next. Even if Avid make Liquid, Vista compliant.

The manual tells about the control panel setting I mentioned but also says it is not supported.

HELP - Title Deko problem after Studio Plus Install - Avid Community

I was editing last night, and I'm certain that I was able to view the waveform of my MP3 files!! All configurations are expected to be available in Q2 I'll give it a try, but isn't there an update in either the SP1 or the 7. And I'll probably submit them at Mon, Aug 13 9: Has anybody heard any rumours of it's replacement.

No matter which drive you boot from, the files from each would be available.

Title Deko Pro Question - Avid Community

I was just trying to help the feller out. I know how and why you reanamed your self it only has taken me 2 years to figure it out.

Or am I misunderstanding what it is saying? The manual is actually already on everyone's hard drive who installed the program and you can access it through the XP start menu under the TDK Pro section. But there are a lot of great programs out there to learn how to use and there's only some much time.

You could check the PDF manual to see if it says anything about such a setting in Liquid. I've been installing the one that come with the Big Splash disk, it's 2. Not everyone is able to build their own computer where you have control over everything.

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