That's like the first step for us: If you've ever attended an Ozomatli concert, you know it's sort of like being swept up in a Disneyland parade for adults. Over the weekend, we spoke by phone with Ozo bassist Wil-Dog Abers about the new project and the art of channeling your inner child when you're a middle-age musician with children of your own.

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Ozomatli's new "Ozokidz" album isn't just child's play - latimes

Oozkidz be honest with you, I don't have any memories of listening to children's music, other than watching "Sesame Street" and "The Muppet Show. It also encourages the child to learn how to swim. We've got to be able to have fun and have the audience up. Other Shows You Might Like. Ozkoidz the kid thing there's all these little subtleties that we're realizing as a band, like, "Don't smile too much! So why a kids album? It's the difference between trying to relate, versus saying, "I know.

Ozomatli's new 'Ozokidz' album isn't just child's play

Pzokidz like the first step for us: All of our kids are a definite inspiration and ozokiddz guinea pigs to see what will work before jumping into a live audience. Copyright Los Angeles Times. Have you found any rules or tricks to writing songs that get a message across but don't talk down to kids, who are pretty sharp these days?

Over the weekend, we spoke by phone with Ozo bassist Wil-Dog Abers about the new project and the art of channeling your inner child when you're a middle-age musician with children of your own.

At the ozokdz time all this was happening, PBS hit us up, just by chance, to write five songs for their PBS kids commercials. By recreating these classic Latin songs, Ozo redefines their meaning and reimagines their beauty for generations to come.

I went on my Facebook page and said, "Hey, anybody wanna come to Chicago, we're not selling any tickets, I'll get you guys in for free, you'll be on my guest list. I have all these memories of seeing all these bands as a child. In addition to politics and social issues, Ozomatli emphasizes the importance oaokidz family and children. I know that other guys in the band did listen to kids music, and their concern was, "It can't be cheesy.

Ozomatli has always had an intergenerational reach, but what inspired you to create specifically for the younger set?

Ozomatli as cultural ambassadors Album review: Wondering what our Ozokidz shows are about? Now, the band has directed its youthful high spirits into a new record aimed at pzokidz even bouncier demographic. Any plans for touring this album?

The Piranha song which is about a father and his child encouraging the child to jump into he water. Ozomatli has a new, younger audience in mind on its next album. If she starts singing it back, then I know it's cool.

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Is making music fun harder than it looks? Then we just started doing more research about the kids' community in music and saw They Might Be Giants, who we had no idea was even doing this music. February 15, at 1: Were you like a Rafi kid?

The band continues to perform the album at special OzoKidz concerts, where parents and children alike dance and play along on OzoKidz kazoos. After roughly 18 years of singing about gang violence, immigration and other R-rated issues, Ozo with "Ozokidz" turns its rhyming skills ozokidzz topics such as the importance of taking care of trees and avoiding germs, skateboards, spelling and a moose run amok. Seizure Led to FloJo's Death. But we ozokudz need that ozokkidz our lives as well, to have a voice, to have power, to be part of something, to be a part of the show.

But if you're playing for 2-year-olds, if you go nuts, you could scare 'em! You know, we've been doing this 18 years, we can pretty much get onstage and figure out what an audience wants and go.

Is she a good audience for you, testing out ideas?

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