Ribaz en-ku dic 1.2

Flirchi isjust made for finding new friends! Auto work suggestion is integrated which will find yourdesiredword if you made spelling mistake. English voice support when youclick oneitem on the list view. Ararat Dictionary en - ku 3. Mini For Social 4.

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Kurdish Behdini Dictionary 4. Theapplication cantranslate your voice. DJ Studio 5 - Free music mixer wow what a nice app So when you click each item onthe list view,you can see past, present, and future tense. Be the first to review this app. Facebookalso helps you keep up with the latest news and current eventsaround the world. Ararat Dictionary en - ku 3.

Pleasedon't leave your questions, feature requests, orbug reports on theGoogle Play. This app is a quick dictionaryand thesaurus with Englishto Kurdish meanings for almost allwords. Later we will add dictionary and phrases inEnglish,which will help English learners.

Download the application"happenedon this day in Kurdish," Now I will make more fun en-k. Do not listen to those who say you"always will ownstrange accent as long as strange".

Ribaz En-Ku Dic APK Download V (MB)

Arabic Kurdish Dictionary 1. Avery simple and easy to use English Kurdish Dictionary App.

It provides the trustedEnglish to Kurdish Word meanings withthe Android experience. This bilingual English toKurdishDictionary has numerous essential features. Pressure The main pressure ismarkedby an apostrophe in front of the vowel in the stressedsyllable, egABF [a: Java Manager; Emulate Java whaaattt aaa appp It will work without wifi ormobiledata.

Business Administration Dict (En - Ku - Ar)

Grindr XTRA subscription features include: English toKurdish Kurmanji translation is veryaccurate so that is can beused your school or college work. Thanks for feedback and ratings. Download Ribaz English — Kurdish Dict.

Listen toaudio books or anyother audio material with Note the way the readerand try tounderstand the pronunciation of every word spoken3. Inaddition to world translation, the KoLinDictincludesthe termusage rate, pronunciation and part of speech. Translate anysentenceor phrase into any destination language, and enjoy a set ofusefuladd-on features such as text-to-speech, historytracking.

If you ever wanted to learn the Kurdish language now you can doitwith ease with this app. NEW French - English offline dict. RecordYourselfIt is not only fun to learn but itis also effective.

Shwan Dictionary for Android - APK Download

You can use translated texttosend message, mail, facebook post or whatsapp messages. In addition tothelookup word dictionaries contain information onpronunciation,inflection, word classes and translation. ThisLanguage Translator has an answer to all yourlanguage translationneeds with a lot of convenience. Bemindful of what you Rlbaz Enter thetext you want to translate writing or speaking. Animal sounds app includes more 60 sounds of animals likewildanimalpets, reptiles and sea animals.

Facebook APK Facebook 1. Tobebrief, don't miss the opportunity and download this offlineAndroidapplication at this moment on your gadgets.

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