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Using Blindwrite for many years, it works absolutely The Blindread software, which reads CDs and writes CD image files, has been discontinued as a separately released product, but BlindRead's code is included in the newer BlindWrite suite of software that also code to control [ clarification needed ] CD writers. Nero The ultimate PC multimedia suite. The writer of Blindwrite is very keen on Quality and has already fixed a bug which was reported. Perhaps you would like to let us know how you went on with your Hardware in our Forum.

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Burning Issues: Tips and Tricks for CDR / CDRW Writing: BLINDREAD

BWI file is the large image file. Company About Contact News. The previous evening I had read in our Forum that a new firmware had been released, Version 1. List of optical disc authoring software Comparison of disc authoring software Comparison of disc image software.

Darryl Harrson 18 September I received a warning message about the Teac not being able to write the Sub-codes but I ignored this message and continued to burn the CDR. Dennis Webber 05 December Todd 22 April United states. Blindwrite was reviewed by Bogdan Popa. blondread

Views Read Edit View history. BlindWrite extracts all the characteristics of your media to your hard drive or directly to a blank disk to make an exact copy of the original.

Key Features Screenshots System requirements Back it up! This program comes with a very easy to use interface that has all the functions in plain sight for quick access. After all what I thought was my second best chance had just failed miserably. Will you be disappointed by the second release or will it be the answer to your dreams? The three modes supported by Blindwrite each have their individual settings that can be configured on the spot.

Easy to use and it works! Blindwrite was claiming a successful write but it had claimed this before and had produced a coaster.


Express Burn is aimed at making the burning process as fast as possible. Click to load comments. VSO blndwrite hands down the best software provider of CD Yes some of you are going to be disappointed that your CD writer is not supported but as the new version now supports more writers than the old version then some of you will be very happy indeed.

This software has a very good reputation a long time Copyto read media from a disc and burn it on an empty one; Readto just extract the media from the disc and save it to the hard drive; and Writeto burn an image file saved on your hard drive to a blank disc. User reviews about BlindWrite Review.

Would it work or would it hang on the Safedisk screen and scream for the original CD? Was this yet another coaster for my market stall? In case you want to review the operations and all the events that occurred since opening this app, the 'Log' feature might come in very handy as it displays all the information in the lower part of the main window. This was an improvement on the dismal performance of the Iomega.

Phillip 16 October Don't leave without your download! Brave blocks unwanted content by default blincread keeps count. I have used Blindwrite for years. Nero The ultimate PC multimedia suite.

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