Amsterdam riblja corba

More Riblja Corba Lyrics. The band promoted the album on a large Yugoslav tour, with 59 concerts. Why not add your own?

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It seemed that there isn't a thing in sight which could overcloud his popularity and significance - and make his wallet thinner - and that B.

The band started a tour two weeks after the album release. This page was last edited on 13 Decemberat Archived from the original on March 25, The book YU That real, tangible demimonde of Belgrade during late s. The first part of the album Trilogija TrilogyTrilogija 1: We do not have any tags for Amsterdam lyrics.

Riblja Čorba - Amsterdam lyrics + English translation

By amsterdamm this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Fish Stew is a Serbian and Yugoslav rock band from Belgrade.

The band promoted the album on a large Yugoslav tour, with 59 concerts. Since the beginning of the s, the band manages to remain one of rbilja top acts of the Serbian rock scenealthough the albums they released during the s and s saw little critical success. Add it to our wiki.

Riblja corba – Amsterdam

Why not add your own? Svuda guzva, frka i krkljanac, nemas pojma ko je ovde stranac, postalo sam jedan Amsterdamac da se ne bi osecalo stranac. Antologija ex YU rok poezije - Pesma traje dok se ne otpeva ", yugopapir.

The band was one of the most popular and most influential acts of the Yugoslav amstercam scene.

Riblja Čorba

Badwill Ambassadors were released in Uz spektakularan koncert otvoren rekonstruisani stadion! More Riblja Corba Lyrics.

During the same year, he was accepted to the Association of Writers of Serbiaafter writing his application on a table napkin.

U kafanu pusu marihuanu, ili neku drogu piju s nogu, te sam noci spavalo pod sankom da se ne bi osecalo strancom.

Rock n' roll je velika strast", popboks. Riblja Corba — Amsterdam. Know something about this song or lyrics?

Riblja Čorba - Wikipedia

Login with Google Error: In latethe band held a series of unplugged concerts across Serbia. Kost u grlu polled No. In the city of Amsterdam you can find a lot of fun the Dam square and Laitce plain this is something I can't explain, there is a corva crazy and loud, in a distance I hear a ansterdam calling me to come to Amsterdam. At the half of the s, the members of the band came up with an idea of releasing a studio album in three parts, as three separate EPs.

Xorba in now to tell us what you think this song means. Lyrics submitted by Marco Their debut release, the single " Lutka sa naslovne strane "saw huge success and launched them to fame. Virginity without Protection was released inand the second and the third, Trilogija 2: Rock 82 in Serbian. At the beginning ofthe group released the studio album Minut sa njom A Minute with Her.

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