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Book a session Online mastering upload Downloads Contact. Gets more use than the Studer plug which is Absolute legend of a Plugin! However, users can also access a bank of artist presets to access the prefered ATR settings from several famous engineers — for mixing, for mastering, for use as inserts, or for special effects.

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For me, adding tape is critical and this plugin really improves the smoothness, detail and can add character or not to anything.

Overview Overview Features Customer Reviews. Just like magnetic tape, lower Record levels will have a cleaner sound, while higher levels result in more harmonic saturation and coloration. Feel free to experiment. The Ampex ATR, though still widely regarded as the most accurate and best sounding multitrack ever produced, was a financial disaster for Ampex, resulting in only 62 being produced.

I can't believe how realistic the and how accurate the controls are. Henderson January 22, Our machine was sourced from the University of Wisconsin, from where it was shipped directly to ATR Services for a complete internal rebuild with the highest grade components.


Carter May 8, Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Picciafuochi October 26, I test it also for a personal remastering of an ultra famous 70's record that I own in HD quality files Ampex received its 12th Emmy nod in for innovations in slow-motion color recording and playback.

The primary function of the ATR plug-in is as a mixdown tape machine — adding tone, dynamic character and "glue" to your mixes.

Absolute legend of a Plugin!

Key features of the design are the machine's interchangeable headblock system, which allows the ATR to be converted to run either quarter-inch or half-inch magnetic tape. I owned an Ampex 24 track machine for a short while and honestly this plugin has got it down. These often-rubberized wheels typically atr-10 the moving tape against the recorders magnetic erase, write, and read heads.

For further gain control, reach for the Record Input Gain knob.

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It has made some of the mixes come to life. I think it can be great on vox, drum busses, accoustic guitars, it can be great for many reasons: I have amoex this plugin on the master buss of many different sessions now and every single one sounds better.

Armand July 19, It's not a record until it's mastered on an Ampex tape machine. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Ampex® ATR Mastering Tape Recorder | UAD Audio Plugins | Universal Audio

It has gained a reputation in the recording industry as the most accurate analogue tape recorder ever to be produced. Across all tracks and at-102 master buss you get a superb "glue" to the entire mix. My laptop,a MacBook has not presented any issues related while A,pex was hearing the final mix with Pro-Tools 8. Grasty March 4, ABC used the Ampex Model for the first ever. Wow and flutter are traditionally "undesirable" pitch changes introduced by the mechanical nature of tape machines.

Smith May 7, When I first used it, I was amazed by how real it sounds.

Ampex and the ATR-102 Tape Recorder

Special thanks to engineers Matthew Gray www. Inthe company produced a Model instrumentation recorder for use by the United States Navy. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. How did they do this?

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