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Do you want to get updates on our products, design tips and more? Download Specctr installer from Specctr Cloud 2. We are working on a new way to stay insync with your design team by being able to share assets and styles.

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How to troubleshoot and get it up and running again? Sync annotated designs to Specctr Cloud. You can cancel and stop your subscription at any time by going to cloud. Sign up pdo recieve a notification.

If Specctr isn't the right tool for you, you can cancel at anytime before the two weeks are up and you will not be charged. Visit our help center. Download Specctr installer from Specctr Cloud 2. What is the Specctr Cloud platform? Download the latest panel if it isn't updated already.

DOWNLOAD Specctr PRO 2.0 (mac & win) FULL - cracked

Email your self the latest download link. Teams Enterprise plans Get your team on the same page. Log in with your user name and password 6.

We are working on a new way to stay insync with your design team by being able to share assets and styles.

DOWNLOAD Specctr PRO (mac & win) FULL - cracked - Cracked Software

I can't find my digit License Key can you resend my order email? Use Projects Beta to sync and share with your team.

Please email us we would love to hear from you. Once you sign up yyou will be able to download and try Specctr 3. It's sspecctr game changer Change how your team works with these features.

Spec paragraph and text styles, including line height and letter spacing.

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Click here to resend your order email. Download our PDF tutorial with step by step on how to specdtr Specctr in your design process. Precise width and height, on the left, right, bottom or top. Lite Yep that's right Specctr Lite is free for the design community with limited features. New features The new panel includes automatic property specs, custom notes, dimensions, spacing, coordinates, css download and sync to cloud. Search all of our help articles, and forums.

Get the latest version of Specctr panel on the cloud. Get the fastest answers to all of your questions.

Fast and Accurate Avoid redlining and long hours of pixel counting. What is Specctr doing next? Our newest panel is better than ever. How to uninstall Specctr 2.

Share annotated designs with developers and other designers. Share specs No more emailing pdfs and jpegs. Log in to cloud.

Download Specctr installer 2.

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