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Hi Kgdrum, The walk-throughs are in the works. For what its worth. I like this manual shows what keys plays what.

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And there is a free patch you can download straight from the library on our website. You should have received an email with an upgrade epix.

Spitfire Percussion vs CinePerc (Core & Pro)

Still prefer true strike for most things. This bundle contains all 4 libraries from the original CinePercseries. The Cinesamples Downloader application sent in an email after purchase is approved will download and install CinePerc onto the drive that you choose.

I actually won't give up my PS because I find it a little meatier for film scoring purposes in some cases. EdDec 9, The rolls are just not smooth enough and the velocity crossfade on the mod wheel is very clunky.

Dpic a comprehensive library and has tons of terrific options. JPQDec 9, I like this manual shows what keys plays what. Though CinePerc looks amazing as well and if I didn't already have SF percussion I'd probably be in the same boat as you I'd love to hear opinions from owners of either one or both even better libraries.

CineSamples CinePerc EPIC v.1.1 KONTAKT

Listen to the demos, watch the videos and download our free snare patch from the library see our store page. I don't know much about how the different mic positions sound - but cinesamples offers mic positions that almost follow a completely different approach.

Today CS looks like a better buy. I use spitfire percussion and some bits are very well done cinfperc extremely well recorded.

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Spitfire Percussion vs CinePerc (Core & Pro) | VI-CONTROL

Detailed mapping info can be found in the User Manual downloadable below. Ryeland Allison Sample Editing: Check your user area for more information!

I also want to add that corresponding with Paul and Christian from Spitfire is always a breeze so your experience should be an pityful exception. CinePerc is new so it might take a bit of time before it has that same reputation.

Hi Kgdrum, The walk-throughs are in the works. SynesthesiaDec 6, Log in or Sign up. Reason why i want it i dont fully know how with playing methods sound etc.

After downloading is complete, the installation will automatically begin. Cara Batema Recorded at: CineSymphony View all products.

The following list shows, whether the respective Kontakt version is compatible with your operating system: One cineperv Spitfire Percussion really shines are mallets. So I would say it generally depends on what you want - content wise - and how the mic positions of CinePerc turn cineoerc to sound once their team upload a walkthrough. Reselling of our products. I do believe it's good to have options, but percussion is low on my list since getting Spitfire.

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