No maintenances of machines out of service are displayed any longer in the planning. Fixed an issue that when creating a new department the tree structure has lost the focus. Support of SQL Server is implemented. Im Maschinen-Export werden jetzt die Maschinen-Gruppen korrekt angezeigt.

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Print corresponding lists to find very quickly an alternative material. Bug fixed, which selected a wrong template in the preview of due maintenances. Wartungsplaner-User which are not allowed to see material, won't get material alarm any wartungspllaner.

Its possible to switch to another language while using Wartungsplaner. What don't you like? Microsoft 3D Pinball - Space Finished malfunctions can later transferred into the life cycle.

The software is usable for small business as well as company groups.

Wartungsplaner (free version) download for PC

The software is usable for small business as well as company groups. On creating a disturbance to a machine within the machine database, the company's name isn't displayed any longer in the departements-structure. Make FileRatings my homepage. Reduzierung des Speicherbedarfs im Dauerbetrieb. Comments on Wartungsplaner You can also add comment via Facebook.

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Furthermore small bug fixed and performance optimizations. July Adjustments for running with Windows If you save documents in Wartungsplaner v6, you can look at them without searching in document files e.

Custom column widths are saved separately for each list view. Acceleration of finalizing maintenances, which are associated with many entries of manual time recording. Improved compatibility with current systems like Windows 8. There is no crack, serial number, keygen, hack or wartungsolaner key for Wartungsplaner present here nor we support any illegal way of software activation.

The user license depends on the number of users.

On wartungsplanet the machine groups in the machines header data the combo-box stay open until you have finished your entries. What are you playing now? For each user the access to non-defined departments can be denied.

Coordinate all maintenance with Wartungsplaner no matter if they are based on exact intervals, fixed time table, calendar weeks or after certain hours of operation.

Einer Wartung kann ein Formular fest zugeordnet werden, dann wird der Wartungsauftrag immer mit diesem Formular ausgedruckt. Fehlerhafte Darstellung beim Verschieben von Maschinen beseitigt.

Speed up quick backup. In the archive-details the counter reader "performed" and "last performed" are displayed.

In one sentence, express your opinion about this software. The clear user surface grants a minimum of setting-in period.

Wartungsplaner v6

Increasing performance by wartungsplaenr of memory above 4 GB if available and optimized usage of "Intel Turbo Boost" if available. Manage all maintenances as basis to be certificated after ISO Download now Buy now, choose license In the wartungsplanr and navigation pane the number of due maintenances and unsettled malfunctions, if they shall be displayed in the due maintenances, are shown as sum.

Overview of new features of Wartungsplaner v6 compared to previous version 5:

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