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Always play videos fullscreen. By using our website you agree to the use of cookies as described Policy. On Cashku advice, Jonida takes part in "Deshmoret e Lirise" competition of the music school, where she has been studying violin for four years. Are you certain you want to delete this board? Log in with Facebook.

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Ana brings a fine Albanian knowledge, and of course this is also the merit of her parents; Ana is an example to be followed by all who are out, or who go outside and do not take the essence of being Albanian that is the language.

Inva Mula introduced the format of this edition, which claims to be more open than ever, bringing as much youth as possible.

For this reason, in cooperation with the Ministry 1of Education will be established a group with the 10 best students of the 15 high schools of Tirana, who will follow closely and will be an extra jury that will evaluate the songs"said Mula. Bojken Lako - Asgje e larget Leave us feedback.

Suggest a correction in the comments box. Asgje e Larget 0: It is the first time that to our Festival comes this year's winner of the Sanremo Festival, which fortunately is Ermal Meta, an Albanian who fled to Italy as an immigrant and today is a singer with a busy agenda with over concerts.

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One day you live The next you die How much nostalgy, how little hope Alone, no identity Return to your Land You left a heart behind Return to your Land You know there a heart awaits for you One day you live The next you die How much nostalgy, how little hope Alone, no identity Return to your Laoo You left a heart behind Return to your Land You know there a heart awaits for you.

Ana Golja was born in Toronto on January bojkenn, by Albanian parents. A total of 54 songs were submitted for the participation in the competition, of which 22 have been chosen for the televised shows with semifinals scheduled for 20 and 21 and Final for 22 December. This is hard for lalo.

Martin Leka, the head of the festival, introduced artistic director, soprano Inva Mula and composer music producer Sokol Marsi. Bojken Lako was also guestjudge in the auditions.

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The bojkwn of first season X factor Albania was Sheila Haxhiraj. The director of the Festival Martin Leka says: Running order of the first night was determined by the draw on 5 December.

Full versions were eventually presented on 10 December. Automatically share your activity on Facebook. Results summary Together with Kosovobased Albanian singer Eliza Hoxha was also rumoured be judge She was presenting the fourth season of Dancing with the Stars Switch browsers or download Spotify for your desktop.

I feel it and they feel it. The artist has withdrawn from the participation due to some unexpected professional commitments, which have become an obstacle to fulfilling the Festival's regulations.

Soprano Marina Curti and Bledi Polena have already performed in Festival's choir in the previous years and Polena even was competitor on her own in Ja k Bing oma smarter search and earn rewards faster by adding the New Tab with extension. Submission should include Final studio version of the song, Orchestral base version with and without backing vocals in wav format, separate STEMS tracks, vocal and full score of the song, midi file of the song, lyrics, photo of the singer.

At the 10th festival I was with my colleague Edi Luarasi - a star of the Albanian stage, singer, actress with a special beauty and intelligence".

At the age bojmen nine, under the influence of Suzana Turku, Jonida enters Children's Cultural Center, where her artistic career starts. This action cannot be undone! Please click the confirmation link in that email to change your email address. Please activate your account by clicking the link in the welcome email we've just sent you. Created by Rusign Internet Atelier, Make my profile public at.

These high school students will attend the first two nights of the festival at the Congress Palace and will be located elsewhere last night to vote. Learn more including about available controls Cookies naKas oled konto unustanudSardi StrugajSardi suhtlemiseks registreeru Facebookis juba.

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