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Ford said most vocal energy is in the range of Hz to 6 kHz. I had tested out Audacity, free MorphVOX, and Voxal, and, like you, found that they each had their own issues or limitations. I saw indications that AV Voice Changer allowed modifications in pitch and timbre which it said were the key aspects of a voice as well as information about, and means of making changes to, other aspects of a voice. That gave me a bend, which I was able to modify so that it began cutting aggressively at around Hz. Now the Effect menu pick gave me a long list of all those additional effects.

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Those included equalization and other standard audio effects in Audacity e. I found it really helpful. I tried Graphic EQ, but that gave me a dozen data points along the curve, making it difficult to draw easily.

That prompted me for the input file and the desired output filename. You can customize everything to get the exact alteration you want to use. It was now clear to me that improving voices vlice be a complex task, requiring much more familiarity with Audacity than I presently had, or would soon develop.

If possible, I wanted to get rid of that, along with anything else I could improve. An alternate driver may be providing this functionality. I left everything else at default values and clicked Apply and then still in that GSnap dialog the green Play arrow at lower left. The Voice Comparator would apparently assist in making one voice sound more like another e.

Another apparently older possibility: MorphVOX, like other programs examined above, added distortion especially when I used its Timbre feature.

5 free VST effects for voice : doubler, chorus, pitch changer | Blogosaur

It indicated problems with all of my Sound, Video and Game Controllers. Mix the 4 to get enough subtle difference.

Support This Blog Search for: Those were the two effects mentioned, in an Audacity discussionas ways of reducing distortion. The imported clip was not particularly whiny, but this result certainly was.

g200kg updates KeroVee & RoVee plugins

Benediktsson said that I could safely cut below 75Hz except maybe for bass singers like Barry Whiteprobably even Hz, and higher still for a female, to eliminate low-end rumble. P You can customize everything to get the exact alteration you want to use. In other words, it seemed there was no option to experiment and preview. Not that this really helped.

Voxal Free Voice Changer for Mac 1.21

October 20, at 9: So, for example, a guitar and a piano hitting the same note at the same volume would sound different because they would have different timbres. Another search led to technical discussions that got very quickly into Nyquist i. vokce

You are commenting using your Facebook account. Loved the humor you sprinkled in your post, LOL. Audacity would allow testing of a single effect e. Audacity was open-source, cross-platform software, developed by dozens of people and downloaded more than million times. You may rpvee to try different combinations to see what works best.

On the positive side, I did find some settings that made him sound like a duck.

Well, I took it as a compliment. Learn how your comment data is processed. The question, in that case, was whether it would make more sense to use Voxal than Audacity. I downloaded RoVee 1.

Learning about these things might also help me with the other objective stated at the outset:

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