Pretorian dt font

Skip to main content. Here is a edition with a font that is a pretty good match to the original lettering: Tucker on 29 May - 9:

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Anyway, its not in my folder with tilde shaped bar fonts. Note its low contrast and large rounded serifs dished at the midpoint. There are almost two dozen, each with a variation of the same lettering style. The practice in the trade was to attempt to keep pretorkan tone consistent for a series -- which would explain the distinctive titling for foht Beatrix Potter books. Those Beatrix Potter books have always had, and still do have that distinctive type.

Other restrictions would depend on various national laws.

Pretorian DT font

Tucker on 30 May - 9: It is an original creation made from scratch in Fontlab. Less but not off is Erasmus. See for example the digital revival from Canada Type. As mentioned in previous posts the private font produced for F. This lettering was used on Permalink Submitted by Donald H. Search for Beatrix Potter.

What font is the sample you Permalink Submitted by ccccccccccccccc Tucker on 21 June - 6: Excerpt of the lettering on the cover of a later edition: You may check some at Archive. This Warne variation might be described as being in an English vernacular style.

Pretorian DT

The lettering for this cover is representative of the fashion of the day. If there is no market, it's not worth doing. A few fonts, not all digitized, with this effect: I confirmed that F.

Can some-one help to ID this type. The R, which varies from cover to cover, is a common style for lettering in the era. Should not be any problem with copy write now for either font or the book from Note that it looks similar but is more crudely executed. Tucker on 31 May - 4: Lettering artists of the era tended to copy one another so this is not a particularly original design.

The original design reminds me of Founder's Caslon. Tucker on 29 May - preotrian EF is NOT from an existing font. Warne is in fact currently using the font.

Pretorian DT Inline font |

It could be interesting to start with and recreate the former lettering. What font is the sample you have posted E F or is it from their web page?

At least it's not mentioned in books about her that I have checked. Plenty of employment for lawyers.

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