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Yes, synth is nothing new, but I have never heard a decent band that uses synth in almost every second of every song. Login Create a Profile. The lead guitarist rarely strays from power chords or breakdowns and needless to say, shows little talent. Another flaw which will be noticed from start to finish by the average metalhead is the excessive use of breakdowns.

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Pretty Girl from San Diego. From lullabies to the contrarily rousing singalong party piece "Go to Sleep," the Avett Brothers pick their way through America's folk styles, and deliver them in ways you'd never expect, all wrapped around lyrics, sometimes wry, sometimes dead-serious, but all delivered with the band's signature intensity. All tracks by The Avett Brothers. Drinking Hanging Out In Love.

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The album features eight tracks, with lyrics penned by Vaali , Gangai Amaran , and Niranjan Bharathi. Track listing "Sleep Talk" Ohio Players 3: Their Mercury debut, Skin Tight , was released several months earlier. An urban legend claims that the cover art was done at their label's request, as if to say that the Ohio Players stabbed their former label in the back for moving to a major label.

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