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Even more interesting is how many of them will post a confession in a public forum! Why do their hack sites stay online? The list goes on. Of course he denied it. Wilson says that while BlackShades has a reputation for being useful to unskilled hackers, law enforcement and security professionals cannot overlook the malware's capability for serious spying and cybercrime.

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May 23, at 5: An Electronic Lynch mauling if you will. The FBI seized the primary domain utilized to purchase Blackshades products. Keep me signed in.

BlackShades Arrests: A Watershed Event? - BankInfoSecurity

In the UK, possession of the means to commit crime could fusioh in fjsion in that possession being tried for conspiracy to commit whatever crime those means would facilitate. Hackers using Blackshades can restrict access to the victim's computer and demand a ransom paid to the hacker in order for the restriction to be lifted.

It seems evident from the declarations by the users themselves shown in the screenshots at the bottom of this post that many of them were using it maliciously. Top 10 Influencers in Banking InfoSec.

Once law enforcement knows that you are above average in knowledge with regards to internet networkingthen you will be immediately blackahades no matter if you are guilty of not. RIP in pieces in pizza, Script kiddies. Retrieved 20 May Someone could do a roaring trade in supplying rotten fruit and vegetables with which to pelt the miscreants.

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And I always say they have someone on the inside at these game companies. Heck, tusion there are skids there.

How about anyone who owns a shovel?

S, illegal however, to spread? On the other hand, guys like Gribo, I have no issue seeing being prosecuted under Federal U.

Blackshades reportedly can be used by computer hackers with little experience or by script kiddieshackers that use programs developed by others to attack computer systems. Hopefully he will be a good crusader for the common man. Users of the malware range from entry-level hackers to organized cybercriminal groups, Symantec says.

May 21, at 5: May 19, at 8: Top 10 Influencers in Government InfoSec. Great report Very interesting conversation.

Plus, the malware has been used by certain nation-states to spy on activists, he says. It doesn't stop it completely, but it definitely gives would-be users some reason to pause and contemplate their next move. Previous The Real Aim of U.

BlackShades Arrests: A Watershed Event?

The product was sold via well-traveled and fairly open hacker forums, and even included an active user forum where customers could get help configuring and wielding the powerful surveillance tool.

From heightened risks to increased regulations, senior leaders at all levels are pressured to improve their organizations' risk management capabilities. Archived from the original PDF on December 26, May 20, at 6: Curt Wilson, senior research analyst at Arbor Networks, says BlackShades has been popular among cybercriminals since Live Webinar Sunset of Windows Server Learn the fundamentals of developing a risk management program from the man who wrote the book on the topic: BlackshadesBlackshades arrestBlackshades bustblackshades.

They all seem like the writing of someone who is mocking teenagers. Spiegel reported that only possesing a copy of Blackshades was reason enough to get a visit from the police.

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