Battle realms kenjis journey

In my watchtowers I putted a Cannoneer because they are really good at that place. Dragons Strength- Increases Spearmen damage, very important to make spearmen useful. If they're right up against it they cant be hurt. On the right edge of the map there is a couple of huts by the pond, don't forget them. Keep me logged in on this device Forgot your username or password?

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And, just because I'm bitter about real,s, why do I care what happens to the geisha house after the orb gets stolen? The base to the north shouldn't be any problem.

anybody finish Kenji's journey in battle realms?

Is there a unit cap? Ninja- Weak fighters but very useful. Now find an area to set up your base don't go east yet coz there is where Shinja is hiding. This is not that hard for those fast players. Useful but not super important. Grab all the DWs at the base and work your way up the island, killing everything along the way.

When you're about to engage the enemy, deploy all four Death Sentries. After eliminating the path you have chosen, you will kfnjis the Swan's Pool. Canoneers and Rocketeers are worthless compared to archers, especially upgraded ones with flame arrow. If you want to destroy it your starting units are sufficient enough as long as you kill off the Ninja around it first.

To speed production of high-end units, these Gather Points can be placed on another training building. Base on gameplay, storyline and graphics, Battle Realms has remake what strategy games should be. Scorched Earth reveals a huge line of sight more than most units juorney and is therefore an effective scouting tool. Zymeth can be found jourhey the east area, near the large water sea. There will be some outposts on the way, kill those, just make sure you don't attack the major bases and we're good.

There are some enemy there but it will battle a cinch because they're only a bunch of Peasants and a few Blade Acolytes and Leaf Disciples. How did you guys get past jourey one? As soon as they engage, switch on Chi Shield.

Quite useful in maps where trees are quite few. Don't bother to waste your time on those Lotus buildings. Just follow the road going west and kill all those wolves that will attack you. Don't let Shinja have that horse, make one of your peasants grab it for a pack horse and have him go get some rice.

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But either way start building a base. Start setting fire battls the peasant huts with the fat boy and keep the archers with him to kill any strays.

So, get out there and do some damage to your opponent! The Raider, at first glance, seems like weak rewlms. Upgrade all your units health, attacks and abilities soon you'll be ready to attack the Lotus.

Try using the other Battle Gear. It's easy to forget journej you take them off and you won't find out until it's too late -Keep up the attack, don't let them control the war. First head up north and crush those Lotus Wizard and after that head east for the main base of the Lotus destroy all of them.

Battle Realms - Walkthrough/FAQ

You could set up a perimeter around your base with them but you can only have 9 active at once. Keep them there burning things down. Horses can be useful by 1 Keeping your geisha alive longer, and making them faster.

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