Vgs 1.41

Now with support for Windows and ePSXe 1. I'm not sure if it works as all my games are working fine in VGS 1. Additionally you can configure up to 3 additional utilities that may also start when you insert a game.

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New tool that capture screens and images from the clipboard by using PrintScreen or Copy and letting you choose which ones you want to save.

Don't now if this will work for everyone but i hope so. Thanks Eta Carina 1. Thanks Sebastien Tournier for the French file! No more slow down for me.

Thanks Bgnome from www.

All the memory cards conversion tools are now together with a very easy to use front-end. Added support for Mad Katz's Data Deck memory card format.

DAO Image Driver 0. Undocumented Command lines in ePSXe 1.

by Aldo Vargas

Emulatronia in Radio - May 10, by aldo Pepe from Emulatronia. This is not an official FAQ and it's not supported in any way by Connectix.

Added support to map up to 24 buttons, added Gravis layout to joypad configurator. It describes a "bug" that he found and apparently it could help you accelerate VGS in slow machines.

Kazaa Browser is a port scanner that will help you find other Kazaa users in 1.1 network segment, and download the files using MSIE or any download manager.

Another alternative is using dx8to7. This time the experimental tool is a PlayStation emulator sound recorder.

VGS on Pentium 4 - News Archive - Zophar's Domain

Emulatronia in Radio — May 10, by aldo Pepe from Emulatronia. Hitmen tools Related Link: People get confused with so many patches for FF9, so I made vvs new section to clearify things. Thanks Firehawke for the icons. I recommend that use mplayer2.

You may try this tweak downloading the Speedup. Jens has updated [pec]the most wonderful PlayStation Emulator Cheater ever!

VGS 1.41 on Pentium 4

Check Shin's home page for additional screen shots. Useful for backup your documents and save states while playing. IGN only provide this list sorted by title: A macro editor that let you edit, load and save the macros. For all the owners of notebooks who asked the method, here it is: Thanks Morlac for this nice tool!! Idem to VGS Statistics but with bleem! - Connectix VGS patch for Pentium 4 by Aldo Vargas

You fgs use it with Gens Launcher 12KB. Thanks bwb for the news! If you're experiencing problems with the VGSJoy 1. Check my mails with Outlook Express and close it.

Frequency Analyzer, improved sample area selection, new keyboard shortcuts.

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