Kali nivata

The city of Amaravati belonged to the Devas. Permanent Link Edit Delete. In the Ramayana , they strike an alliance with Ravana , after Ravana is unable to defeat them.

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However we should not forget that even now the word alien is relative. He is consciousness cetaand ego ahankara.

Text 9 vasur vasumati-bharta vasudevo vasuttamah yaduttamo yadavendro madhavo vrishni-vallabhah He is opulent vasuthe goddess of fortune's husband vasumati-bhartathe son of Vasudeva vasudevathe best of the Vasus vasuttamathe best of the Yadavas yaduttamathe king of the Yadavas yadavendrathe goddess of fortune's husband madhavaand dear to the Vrishnis vrishni-vallabha. He is the master of the spiritual world vaikunthathe performer of yajnas yajnika yajna itself yajnaVamana vamanafair-compexioned harinaand Lord Hari hari.

In the Ramayanathey strike an alliance with Ravanaafter Ravana is unable to defeat them. Text 38 yasomati-suto bhavyo rohini-lalitah sisuh rasa-mandala-madhya-stho rasa-mandala-mandanah He is the son of Yasoda yasomati-sutaglorious, charming, handsome, and auspicious bhavyaa child who plays with Rohini rohini-lalitaa child sisuthe dancer in the middle of the rasa-dance circle rasa-mandala-madhya-sthaand the ornament of the rasa-dance circle rasa-mandala-mandana. Every scientific theory is a jolt to common man's perception of what they consider as real.

He resides in Patalaloka patalaTalatalaloka talatalaand Rasatalaloka rasatala. Asura Hindu mythology stubs. Text 15 virat samrat mahaughas ca dharah sthasnus carishnuman phanindrah phani-rajas ca sahasra-phana-manditah He is the entire universe viratthe supreme monarch samrata great flood mahaughathe maintainer of all dharaunmoving sthasnugoing everywhere carishnumanthe king of serpents phanindra, and phani-rajaand the serpent with a thousand hoods sahasra-phana-mandita.

Can we say nivatta the ancient authors of Mahabharata imagined all these?

He wears tinkling anklets nupuria belt katisutrigolden bracelets katakiand golden armlets kanakangadi. The city of Alaka belonged nivaha the Yakshas. It will be illogical to conclude that Earth is the only inhabited planet in this universe. In spite of this bondage called the law of Nivaata and the prison called the cycle of births and rebirths, humans continues to enjoy freedom and free will in their life.

He broke Lord Siva's bow sambhu-kodanda- bhanjana. This article contains Indic text.

Nivata - Kali & DJ Ceci Ludata Glava Feat. DJ Ceci Ludata Glava | Shazam

As the whole world now became a global village our new 'familiar circle'those speculated visitors from outside our world came to be called as aliens.

Gandharvas were ancient Gandharas. It had caused terrible loss of people and wealth. Anyone have idea how to built Vimana Reply please ….

Anand Ram 17 Jan Partially because they are more evolved than us and believe in a higher religion and philosophywhich considers violence as very primitive. This could be a later alien genetic experiment.

Brahman is the term used in Advaita and other related ancient Indian philosophies. Look at the modern science-fiction stories. Now a basic questions that arise is, were these technologically advanced states in ancient periods, such as during the period of Mahabharata, the result of human effort alone?

So I am unable to conclude that we lost all our technology and science in Kurukshetra war, even if it were a nuclear war, as many researchers think. We learn that the cities excavated as part of Indus-Saraswati civilizations were highly advanced with well designed drainage systems, roads were well laid out and houses were furnished with all luxuries.

Thus we have both material and literary evidence to prove that the ancient world was technologically advanced.

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This would mean that there was some high technology and scientific understanding in ancient India during the period when Mahabharata was being authored. It also mean that we can again fall down to a trough! Last edited on 03 Mar Text 4 b atha dhyanam sphurad-amala-kiritam kinkini-kankanarham calad-alaka-kapolam kundala-sri-mukhabjam tuhina-giri-manojnam nila-meghambaradhyam hala-musala-visalam kama-palam samide I glorify Lord Balarama, decorated with a glittering crown, bracelets, tinkling ornaments, moving locks of hair on His cheeks, splendid earrings on His handsome lotus face, and garments dark like monsoon clouds, holding a great club and plow, fulfilling all desires, and handsome like a mountain of ice and snow.

Gandharvas too lived in the high mountains of Gandhara and only in later stages moved to Saraswati river basin. Add new song Add new translation Add new request.

He is the serpent Ananta urangama.

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