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It used to work flawlessly. Im not sure is jamup had the ability to turn off different components of the amp i only tested it rather quickly, no time to check now and been using bias fx instead , but if so, i suggest getting fiddlicator, loading some decent impulse response cab simulation on it you can find loads from google for free and turning the speaker simulation off from jam up. Hi there, This latest update brings the following improvements and bug fixes: Import songs from your iTunes library to jam along with using the Jam Player module. Easily record and layer looped parts with the sound-on-sound phrase sampler.

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I go back to BIAS and the same amp is visible, and it sounds metal again.

We are using cookies like everybody else to give you the best experience. With its dead-on accuracy and tube-like touch and feel JamUp delivers dramatically improved sonic performance over other digital amp modelers. Hi there, This latest release brings the following changes: With a system of four banks of eight pages with four-slots visible on each, JamUp Pro totals a massive presets.

Please write us on https: GoGuitar - Learn with Any Song. Just when you think you got what you need, you have to buy it all over again. We've got some big things coming down the pipeline, stay tuned with us on our Facebook or Twitter! Hi there, In this update, we are fully compatible with Audiobus 3, and fixed some minor issues to make sure its stability.

JamUp Pro Review: 5 Things You’ll Love

Hi Jayson, thanks for this. Yay, keep me informed! Jaamup app is an all-in-one app, that surprised me a LOT! We pretty much all knew that. The way jam up and bias amp are integrate is that you export the amp from bias amp to jam up, you arent supposed to use them at the same time like you are trying to.

Any Which Way You Want. Actually taking it out on the stage in front of an audience and using it in real-time for your guitar effects? Hi there, This latest update brings the following improvements and bug fixes: If you're only using the free stuff, then you're gonna be limited as to how good it can sound.


I have got it to work a few times then I reload the Audiobus preset next prl and I am greeted by total silence. The channel switching is super slow and loud.

It really is a very good app. Heck even just Jammin in the Basement. We are working on our forum, it's still beta, but we plan to announce some really cool product preview and explorer program very soon, check it out: Toggle navigation Audiobus Forum. Hi there, Thanks for all your comments and suggestions.

There are no Insert slots or included mixing effects. This allows users to search, and then download from, a large catalogue of user-submitted tones and the new interface is very slick. There are already hundreds of Amp Match models available created by users, producers, and engineers, as well as artists such as Mark Holcomb from Periphery, Ola Englund, Rusty Cooley, among many others.

Create, share, and download custom presets right inside JamUp. It then executes the tonal compensation and enhancement needed to make this current amp model accurately match the target amplifier.

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I wish I never blew money on this setup. June 20, at 5: Also was hoping they would look into the Tunner.

This is very smart marketing, but a dirty jamuo to nickel and dime the customers. Categories Discussions Activity Sign In. I feel lost trying to this with this app.

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