Rules are naturally expressed in a logical manner and relationships between objects defined in a uniform and coherent manner. Typical use cases include: After choosing it your mouse cursor changes to a hand.

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The knowledge underpinning decisions is made visible in a simple and coherent manner.

What is "visirule"

VisiRule is ideal for building regulatory compliance systems, financial and legal decision-making systems, and both diagnostic and validation systems. There is a close and traceable relationship between the graphical model and the generated rules. It happens to everyone Enter the email address of your account to reset your password: Question Box Types If you right click on a question box, a menu appears which includes the option 'Question Type'.

Contrast this to neural nets which are black boxes and can NOT explain their reasoning. LPA has been developing and delivering commercial rule-based solutions and expert systems applications for over 36 years for various clients in diverse sectors.

VisiRule supports multiple, linked charts and files. This guarantees that it will always run the same, regardless of the environment in which it runs.

VisiRule is a graphical tool for non-programmers to develop and deliver rule-based and expert systems simply by drawing their decision logic. Click on the first box and drag the cursor to the box you want to join the first box to. VisiRule helps in the knowledge capture and automation process by intelligently constraining what can and can not done based on the its understanding of the emerging program. Remember me Forget Your Password? If you have clicked on a box or group of boxes, you can drag it around the screen to another position or you can right click on it to obtain its menu of options.

Choose the tool for the box type you want and click on the place on the screen where you want the new box to be positioned.

VisiRule for authoring rules and charts

This means that complex problems can be decomposed into smaller discrete problems where they are more easily tackled. Instead of a menu, this option provides an input box into which the user can enter any number. VisiRule for authoring rules and charts VisiRule is a graphical tool for non-programmers to develop and deliver rule-based and expert systems simply by drawing their decision logic.

This reduces the potential for constructing invalid or meaningless links, improves productivity and helps detect errors as early as possible within the design process.

Software: VisiRule - decision modeling

Modularity VisiRule supports multiple, linked charts and files. The underlying logic-based inference engines help ensure a high degree of compliance and accuracy. VisiRule logs each visitor's path recording the questions asked, answers given and expressions used. Interactive Questionnaires VisiRule can deliver charts by generating a web questionnaire.

More about Graphical Tool Software.

If you want to see what is to the right of the current display you drag the screen to the left. An input box is also provided by this option. Modularity VisiRule supports multiple, linked charts. VisiRule can be used to develop alerts and reminders, simple decision support systems and for capturing and interpreting data. Firstly, it is used to create knowledge-based systems and secondly, it intelligently guides the construction process by constraining what can and cannot done based on the semantic content of the emerging program.

All the relevant logic and business rules underpinning business decisions is immediately visible within a chart in a simple and coherent manner.

This is essential as part of Explainable AI. The Selection Tool This visiruel a very important tool as it allows us to select either individual objects on the flowchart, groups of such objects or the background screen itself. Another input box is provided into which the user can type a word or phrase.

VisiRule Author provides a dedicated diagramming tool for experts to draw and test charts. Once you are familiar with VisiRule, building an application is like creating a graphical machine.

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