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Bear with me on the first few — I have to get through some of the basics of program installation and operation before I can get to the really cool stuff. The program's help file has more information. Below are the step-by-step instructions to create a 3D topographic map. The functions listed are those available in version 9; many, but not all, are also available in version 6. Thanks for your support!

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The last official and fully debugged version of Terrabase II; contains most of the functions of version 5.

Using MicroDEM to preview your topographic data. Locates all mcirodem between user-specified values. The next time you open a DEM, it will look similar to the above, i.

Above For a location double-clicked on a DEM, the red curve shows the time for sunset; the green curve the time for sunrise, and the blue curve the duration of daylight. Specialists who create maps and process satellite imagery need to use a dedicated program in order to analyze and manipulate the data.

Unchecking the box next to Scale bar, redrawing the map and then closing this window leaves the terrain map like this: I knew what he meant: The commands are also available from menus at the top as well. New in MicroDEM This will take a long time to print. It includes multiple advanced tools and an extensive documentation but can be hard to use if you only want to create a simple map. Available from Fort Leonard Wood http: A window will appear You might need to scroll down.

In order to create a complete map you need to add multiple data layers that include landmarks, buildings, vegetation and other relevant features.

A complex and useful mapping tool that allows both experts and amateurs to edit and merge satellite imagery mirodem and digital elevation models. But to start, I will do a number of posts over the next week or so on just a little of what MicroDEM can do.

Shopping at Amazon through any of the links below helps keep this site up and running. Download and install Google Earth. As alpha, the gool does have bugs and quirks, but it also has far more features than version 6.

How to 3D Print a Map of Anywhere in the World | MatterHackers

Unzip the downloaded archive. The functions listed are those available in mp 9; many, but not all, are also available in version 6. I bet it will be similar enough for this info to be useful, though. Subset and zoom — Click on this, then click and drag in the map window over an area you want to zoom in on:. Add a Comment View Comments.

How to 3D Print a Map of Anywhere in the World

So if you want to save the image at its full original resolution, you need to zoom the image to at least one to one before saving it, but you can overzoom to oversample the image as well make it larger than the original. My map took almost four hours, but the detail is amazing. Three display variations from Tinted Maps. Creating a displacement map from your grayscale elevation image.

Anytime you save images in Tpol, it saves them at the screen resolution, ,ap the original image resolution. Click on one of the boxes that includes topography you want to print.

Converting your plane into tol 3D printable object. This application allows you to load multiple map files into your project. The original article is below and produces a higher resolution STL, if that is needed.

GIS geographical information system applications come to satisfy these needs and provide multiples for merging and editing various file types. Determining the accuracy, reliability, validity, or appropriateness of any of the software or data written about in this blog for any uses is the sole responsibility of the reader, not the authors of the blog posts.

Topographic data - the direct download url.

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