El potro de sinaloa chuy y mauricio

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Chuy Y Mauricio | El Potro de Sinaloa | Free Internet Radio | Slacker Radio

Get the Slacker Radio App for the best experience on your device! His debut record, made in collaboration with the musicians of Los Potrillos del Norte and released by Amable Records, was entitled Linda Joven.

Yy updates on Slacker Radio. Another brother, Tomas, known as El Indomable de Sinaloa, enjoyed a short but fruitful career as a recording artist.

Tiro de Gracia - Single. You'll hear a mix of music chyy both channels! With them he released what would be a career highlight, Pobre de Mi Corazon, positioned as one of the year's best in Billboard's Top Latin Albums chart.

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Chuy y Mauricio - El Potro de Sinaloa | Song Info | AllMusic

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"Chuy y Mauricio" by El Potro de Sinaloa

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