Chavs the demonization of the working class

Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Chavs strives to make sense of the bitter process that has seen the working class turned from 'salt of the earth' to 'scum of the earth': His balanced, consistent and thorough use of statistics as well as expanding ideologies and digging into them, unearthing the roots provides brilliant reading as well as inciting attitude change, y I am not an economist. If he had, his book would have had to be thinner.

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Sep 14, pattrice added it. Not surprisingly, at least not to anyone with the slightest knowledge of post war history, in particular the last thirty-five or so years, it is the changes wrought by the Thatcher administrations, continued under Major, followed by Blair, Brown and with gusto by the Cameron-Clegg crowd. Te has been a concerted effort on the part of politicians and media institutions to label the entire working class as cheaters, swindlers, oafs, alcoholic, racist, violent thugs who are a burden on our economy and our public services.

I refuse to pardon her comments like 'aww poor white English lady, it's because she's broke.

The liberal and left elites now use the race card against he white under classes and point out since the latter are supposedly 'racist' and 'bigoted' they must be punished for this and are the unworthy poor as compared to the impoverished people of colour who are deemed worthy of empathy and upliftment. I'd recommend this to anyone-we need to look beyond the headlines of the tabloids and dig a bit deeper to address the social issues we have in this country.

Threads collapsed expanded unthreaded. The mirage this attempts to create is one of a "nation of shopkeepers", to borrow Adam Smith's phrase.

Workig, the subtitle works just fine, as the book is an excellent expose on the demonisation of the working classes. I grew up on a council estate and I remember the people who live on them with great fondness. I should have looked more closely at the title, particularly the second part of it. Even the stark facts that substandard schooling, housing and healthcare have drastically stacked the dice against the Lower Classes, have been dismissed by Blairs cabinet, and now under the currrent Coalition government.

I agree with the author about Margaret Thatcher and her cruel war on the British poor. It could easily be pages shorter. Poorly researched and heavily biased, Jones lambasts the middle class of which, economically at least, he is part.

Chavs: The Demonization of the Working Class by Owen Jones – review

In fact, a great deal of chav-bashing goes on within working-class neighbourhoods, partly because of the age-old dejonization between those who aim for "respectability" and those who disdain it. As a member of perhaps the last generation to be truly 'socially mobile', anything about class hits close to home. What has changed is the representation of a whole class, a majority indeed of people across the entire medium of communication.

In the face of Trump it's obvious that the concerns of the so called "working class" no matter their race or gender have to be properly addressed. Jul 05, Gary rated it it was amazing.

Chavs: The Demonization of the Working Class by Owen Jones – review | Books | The Guardian

Verso Books 10 May The term percolated into non-traveller youth initially in the SOuth East where the traveller community has strong roots and not in the "proud North".

Or rather that the middle class has too many privileges? As such, this book—whether one agrees or disagrees with the author's contentions—is an essential read that provides context to our most challenging times.

Should be compulsory reading for left wing politicians, all journalists and everyone who cares. Jones equates chavs to the working class when there is little evidence this is so, just as he assigns the UK riots to the same working class in some kind ofup rising of the grouping against an unfair government. Even the Conservative-led coalition that took power after the general election accepted a link between crime and underlying economic factors.

So for what it does it's great and hopefully has made a demonizafion of people really think about things. My knowledge of economics and politics weren't spectacular and pretty mediocre, however reading this superb, excellently written book really was an eye opener.

As a bleeding-heart liberal, this book is totally preaching to the choir with me, but I still got a lot from it. For as long as I can remember, debate has raged over welfare reform and 'scroungers' milking the system, of the In a review of my novel, Citizen Zero, it was asked what had happened that the unemployed became so criminalised?

Chavs: The Demonization of the Working Class

Life ain't easy for me either! Did he refuse to eat the blackcurrant cheesecake that was being "carefully sliced" as his host sought to fill an awkward silence? A Memoir of a Family and Culture in Crisis after this, drmonization I'll be interested to compare the sides of the pond. Benefit fraud comes to virtually nothing when compared with tax evasion and avoidance by the rich, but when was the last time Philip Green, The Barclay Brothers, Lord Rothemere and their ilk were on the cover of tabloids for the amount they rip us all off?

Aug 04, Ramzan rated it it was amazing.

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