Highly recommended for professional consultants and developers. Available for both Windows and Mac operating systems. Simulation Methodology for Facility Design". Highly recommended for corporates. ExtendSim Suite - Professional 3D environment:

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Hence model presentation is extremely simplified and dignified. Adds a comprehensive message-based discrete event architecture and capabilities to ExtendSim CP. Highly recommended for corporates.

Highly recommended for professional consultants and developers. Used to track and analyze the behavior of physical or logical entities when events cause them to change state or move through a system.

ProprietaryConcurrent User Licensing. ExtendSim Suite - Professional 3D environment: Simulation provides decision-makers with valuable information that is lacking in other forms of analysis. Extendim from " https: Just draw the flow chart of the system you have in mind.

Easy-to-use interface to internal database and Excel for both input and output.

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ExtendSim AT features a rate-based functionality for modeling bulk systems, such as packaging lines, chemical processes, or network traffic. Would like support for agent-based modeling in a more eextendsim manner like the discrete-event capabilities. ExtendSim features a customizable modeling logic where relationships between modeling components are visible. Adds a next generation 3D animation capability to ExtendSim AT, providing a three-dimensional representation of the world of the model.

ExtendSim by Imagine That.

Use it to specify rates of flow for any high volume or high speed system, then delay and route the flow using flow attributes, constraints and rules. Anyone who wants to understand their processes and systems, identify opportunities for improvement, simplify complex problems, streamline operations, and rejuvenate their way of doing business.

The cornerstone of the ExtendSim family of simulation tools. The major libraries in ExtendSim are:. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. To handle all the six simulation techniques in one single package reducing total time extendxim learning and use.

Although there are around 50 simulation tools available in the market today, ExtendSim leads the pack because of its unassailable functionalities.

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Extwndsim robust data storage and manipulation tools put you in control of model information, facilitating organization of complex data. Good collection of statistics, along with ability to export raw data for further analysis. Hence even a school student can learn its fundamentals quickly and extendsin it. Sample applications include resource optimization for food logistics, [1] six sigma process improvement for a hospital emergency department[2] communication systems, [3] and manufacturing facility design [4].

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. A robust set of core features plus specialized constructs for modeling continuous processes. Home Simulation Software ExtendSim. ExtendSim simulation tools can do it.

ExtendSim is sxtendsim your ordinary simulation tool. ExtendSim simulation software helps guide decision making by simulating processes and graphically determining the best system configuration.

Simulation Methodology for Facility Design".

Prices applicable in India can be had on request. Blocks are connected together to create the logical flow of the model.

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