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Some play it with a third level of doubling, which puts the whole match at stake. Trick-taking card games list. The winner of a trick starts the next trick. Pages using deprecated image syntax Articles containing Bulgarian-language text Articles containing Greek-language text Articles containing Croatian-language text Articles containing Macedonian-language text Articles containing Armenian-language text Articles containing Arabic-language text Articles containing Russian-language text Articles containing Malagasy-language text Year of introduction missing.

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The player holding them receives 20 points. Note, that this does not lift off the opponent's points from declaration.

The next player has the right to take it up or pass. In most games the last 3 cards are dealt after the bidding to avoid gs, but can be dealt with the first 5 and not touched. During the first round each player must either pass or accept the card face up. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.


Note that the sequence for declarations, which differs from that for scoring, is: When trump suit is chosen from the 6 option aboveplayers can get the remaining 3 cards, so every player has 8 cards in his hand. This page was last edited on 25 Decemberat The game is mostly played by four people, but versions exist for five, three and two players, including a non-trivial two-player "open cards" version.

The higher contract will be in all trumps and can not be escaped. The last trick is a bit more significant, as its winner is awarded some points.

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The rank of gxm cards is different for trump and non-trump suits. Therefore, the rounding limit is 5 in a "No trumps" contract, 4 in an "All trumps", and 6 in a suit contract. At least three cards must be cut.

Valats are doubled at no trumps. However, bonus points won from Belote or declarations might be taken into account.

Every next dealing is done by the player on the right of gm previous dealer so whoever bid first, deals the next game. The 4 players are 2 teams of two.

So is done for every double bid. If everybody before dealer passed, dealer must take choose a trump suit, although this rule is a rarity.

The question of which are the highest declarations is settled when the game finishes. The rest nelot the cards remain temporarily face-down. Bela isn't included in this rule, cards making bela can always be included in another declaration. The no-trump game has no declaration points and is always 26 MPs. When both teams have scores at the rounding limit, the lower score is rounded up and the higher score is rounded down.

For other uses, see Belote disambiguation. In a doubled contract, both teams are considered committed. KlaverjasJassCoinche. Declarations and valat can increase it. Definitive rules of the game were first published in If team who bid lost it, the other team wins the number of points both teams collected through scoring and the bidding team scores zero which is marked by a dash -not by a number 0. When they play the second card, they can declare: Every player receives 3 cards face down, then another 2 cards making total of 5.

The other variations each player is alone. A special valat or capot premium of 9 match points exists for not leaving a single gdm for the opponents.

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