The upside to all this is represented, of course, by the utility's impressive compression rates. You can edit th Jul 31st, Freeware.

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A software solution to make UHARC accessible to users of all experience by providing a friendly graphical interface and powerful compression. Started in by a man named Uwe Herklotz and rightfully associated uharc.eze the term of "super compressor," UHARC is one of the best compression tools to date. In other words it represents the simplest way to use the Uha rc wit Size: It includes unique features such as self-extracting archives.

Jul 31st, Freeware. In other words it represents the simplest way to use the Iharc.exe rc with all of its options.

WinUHA - UHARC GUI - High Compression Multimedia Archiver

Linux Linux Environment Linux-like environment. Current compression is set to maximum level. Brings the full power of UHARC, one of the most effective compression command-line tools to be ever created, directly within the Windows shell. As its performance and compression rates are indeed remarkable, the archiver received, through the years, a number of friendly graphical user interfaces that make it easier for users of any IT level to benefit from all the goods that UHARC has to offer.

The project's last iteration is the 0. All in all, UHARC GUI provides a well-built yet incomplete interface for the highly-acclaimed archiver and since the compression tool itself did not receive an update in the last few years, so the GUI will not, probably, get a new version.

The application also gives access to a language selection area; however, this is not implemented and the only option here is English. A high performance file archiver created by Uwe Herklotz.

The latter option should automatically transform the selected archive into an executable file that can be used to decompress the stored files to locations of your choosing. You also get information regarding uhadc.exe number of files, compression and ratio as uhharc.exe as the possibility to verify the files uhrc.exe you extract them. The UHA compression ratio i Once the compression process has begun, the app displays a set of useful progress information within a CMD window.

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Nowadays, we kind of take GUIs for granted and we surely uhrc.exe everything that is software-related to look as sleek and as inviting as possible. The correspondent options refer to compression settings mode, dictionary size and multimedia compressiondirectory processing settings recurse subdirectories and store paths as well as encryption settings password and mode. You are able to build a file and folder list up to 2 GB in size for the program to create a UHA archive from it. In other words it represents the simplest way to use the Uha rc wit.

If you plan on compressing bulky files, then you will huarc.exe notice that the archiving speed is a bit slower than your typical, modern archive utility. Uhafc.exe upside to all this is represented, of course, by the utility's impressive compression rates.

Read the full changelog. To these you have to add the features that the FileC This, of course, makes it a bit difficult for most of us to imagine that CLI-based applications used to be the norm back in the day.

Uha uharc.exe uharcd.exe Free Download

Uha Maker Uha Maker 0. Top Shareware Download sjsp.

Click to load comments. Value Maker maker help maker uharc compression uharc. Please note that you can also create password encrypted archives by selecting the "Securely Compress" option. Theme shape abstract Change Theme 3d wallpaper. Deploying UHARC CMD on your computer's system, regardless of what you might initially believe, is reduced to just a few simple mouse clicks, thanks to its intuitive installer.

The second option of the software, 'Extract existing archive', requires you to browse for a UHA file in order to get its contents to a location of your choice. DeskLook Put Outlook data straight on your desktop.

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