Josh krajcik at last

Is there a bar somewhere around here? After an hour of kicking back, the band hits the basement and runs through a gleaming new Krajcik original called "One Thing," a mid-tempo, minor-key track that bridges the gap between The Eagles and the blues. Another one-off gig is booked for Aug. The merciless British music magnate aims his notorious snark directly at Krajcik.

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And why not smile?

When the burly, unkempt singer announces he's performing Etta James' classic soul ballad "At Last," all Cowell can muster is a contemptuous, "Really? Is there a bar somewhere around here? And this show is only the beginning.

So has a legion of strangers - a demographic-defying bunch of newly minted Krajcik fanatics who discovered the singer during his stint on Fox's televised singing contest "The X Factor.

Chords for Josh Krajcik At Last

He could have hired industry pros to be his band, but for this show he is literally getting the band back together. Same band, same song, same city, but the stakes are precipitously lower.

Out of the country? He feels the window starting to close, and it's gnawing at him. Amidst the giddiness, Krajcik sees the big picture. Krajcik absolutely crushes it.

Krajcik hopes to have his album out and a tour underway before the end of the year. Which is good for writing, to be alone and fing miserable.

At Last: Josh Krajcik, six months after 'X Factor'

He autographs jlsh opposite wall with the message, "This was my first sold-out show at the Newport. One particularly absurd tale: The frustration pours into an album called "Atavistic. Krajcik's string of stirring performances on the show landed him a second-place finish, a major-label record deal and - judging from this, his first full-fledged concert since "The X Factor" wrapped up - a bright future. When he's summoned, she advises, "Rock and roll, Joshua. His performance is literally spine-tingling.

It feels like the whole world is here, or Krajcik's whole world at least. The band downs kraucik of Jack Daniel's before taking the stage.

They're in the midst of 10 straight days rehearsing for the Newport gig, Krajcik's post-"X Factor" coming out party. Everyone feels a mix of elation and exhaustion, but Krajcik's night is not over. It wasn't exactly a career launch pad, though.

Afterward they returned to crummy day jobs and grinding out gruff-but-approachable blues rock at local bars for the same handful of friends and fans. Nor is his story over. There is a downside to all the jet-setting, namely the strain of spending weeks away from his longtime girlfriend, Megan.

He wastes no time busting Krajcik's balls.

His entire career stretches out in front of him with nary a burrito in sight. In retrospect, Lasg Washington Post's experiment in which commuters were too busy to notice a world-class violinist busking in the subway comes to mind. Whether singing the Rolling Stones or Rihanna, his krajccik works; week after week, he moves on, all the way to the finale. The next thing he knows, Krajcik is on stage in a massive arena staring down a panel of judges including former "American Idol" kingpin Simon Cowell.

Josh Krajcik At Last

He tells the cameras about his day job at Downtown burrito joint Cinco and the displeasure of smelling like onions after work. But here at ComFest, with his 30th birthday looming, Krajcik isn't much closer to rock stardom than his first gig at age 16, when he lied about his age to get a show at a seedy bar in Lodi.

Several hundred fans have lined up for an autograph signing that will last well over an hour. Pim panics with anticipation and sings her son's praises like only mothers can.

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