Frank zappa chungas revenge

I Boulez Conducts Zappa: We have some virtuosic guitar skills from Zappa, some humorous songs, some jam sessions, and some serious songs. Latest members reviews I find the material on here to be very weak compared to Zappa's other albums of the period. One of the finest solos I have ever heard. I think it is an excellent addition to my FZ vinyl collection, at least and one of the best from the Flo and Eddie period.

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Chunga's Revenge represents a shift from both the satirical political commentary of his s work with The Mothers of Inventionand the jazz fusion of Hot Rats.

Chunga's Revenge

Rvenge much of the album it was presumably a genuine live recording, perhaps augmented with overdubs in the studio afterward a peculiar Zappa habit.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Unfortunately, after all is said and done, this is a very erratic album. This is basically the perfect transition album between early Frank, with his jamming and goofing, and later Frank, with his tighter compositions and better melodies. Anything from jazz and eastern moods to ballads and hard rock. Unfortunately, comic genius doesn't always translate into a great song.

I could not have picked a better album to start off with at that particular time and Chunga's revenge is still my favorite, both by musical standards aswell as nostalgic reasons.

On the other hand, though, the opening "Transylvania Boogie" entertains me completely, as it's full of sharp, angry guitar tones in the first half with lots of complicated jazzy rhythms and equally piercing tones with a bluesy rhythm in the second the guitar passages themselves are awesome throughout the track as well. Chunga's Revenge is the Flo and Eddie-era album on which their presence is felt the least, partially because the sense of humour is a bit more varied than the "all sex jokes all the time" concept of the Fillmore East live album, partially because the album includes a clutch of good but not great instrumentals - several of which are cast-offs from the Hot Rats sessions.

If you like his early music and want to get into his later stuff or vice versathis is a weak intermediate step, but not a horrible place to turn to.

Twenty Revemge Cigars 2: So that's the first album that clearly marks the "post-Mothers" area of Zappa's career, and while I can see why he started to lose fans with this, it's nothing close to a terrible transition. Slightly below average, but an considerably interesting one for the serious Zappa fan.

This should be able to please most listeners, but not really "wow" them. The vocal tracks, similarly, range between kinda weak and an awful lot of fun.

This is about life on the road and is full of humour, but avoids the dumb sketches that ruined his earlier works, while the music is not too over the top, but sufficiently interesting to grasp Francesco's musical genius.

This is a great way to open an album. The ONLY reason I don't give 5 stars to this one is because it is closer to rock or blues than to prog. This is all about the funny revengw.

Chunga's Revenge - Frank Zappa | Songs, Reviews, Credits | AllMusic

A long time ago two crazy freaks called Flo and Eddie met a crazy freak called Zappa now these crazy freaks got along real well because they were all crazy and also they were freaks. Please consider supporting us by disabling your ad blocker. The rhytm section is excellent. On top of that, whilst the duo's vocal harmonies are truly wonderful I think their performance on T. Not the best, but a good chungaas of Frank's styles and an album of some significance in the history of Zappa.

FRANK ZAPPA Chunga's Revenge reviews

Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. This page was last edited on 17 Octoberat First of all, who does that kind of stuff?!? It has a bombastic guitar reevnge intro before it calms down quickly. Other songs of particular note include Would You Go All the Way, a song that begins in the vein of something I would expect to find being played on Oldies radio.

The editing here isn't quite as good as it would be on later albums. Twenty Small Cigars has totally different sound from the rest of the album as it was obviously recorded at the Hot Rats sessions. Nonetheless, it is an excellent piece, especially because Frank himself does the playing here as he does on most of the whole album. They decided to join forces in an attempt to annoy people to the best of their abilities and they were a smashi The entire recording, even on the later CD recordings has chunhas distorted sound, reveenge it harder to listen to than most of Zappa's amazing catalog.

I find myself not even remembering this track even right after I listen to it. Tell Me You Love Mean aggressive, hard rocking, but frajk cool piece, was eventually sped up to become a show stopper in later concerts.

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