Will provide a better solution tomorrow. Your link will not work! As a consequence, as of Aug 1, , Phixr will no longer support Facebook in any way and ultimately disappear as a FB app.

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June 27th, Dear friends! Phixr is strictly for editing photos. This tool allows mixing stock objects smilies, hearts, phkxr, arrows, etc. Phix your WordPress blog March 10th, After dropping a few upload services like ImageShack and Webs, for a change, we now added a new one. Besides being free its primary virtues are: You can work with up to 6 photos at the same time.

We deeply regret to announce: Phixr offers hundreds of filters, effects and other unique features. When you mouse over the image the foreground images fades from completely transparent to completely opaque phixd.

Phixr Online Photo Editor

The text tool is one of Phixr's most powerful features. We will only store encrypted data and never reveal it to anybody, including you.

Google, the owner of Picasa Web Albums, is about to close down the interface Phixr used to communicate with Picasa. It's all about image.

It has all the basic and advanced photo editing features, plus some fun ones, like adding text or clipart, adding speech-bubbles, and many more. Be the first to find out when new generators are posted! We assume they will shut down Picasa soon, too. Here are the most popular tools: Web photo editing made really easy! Have a nice weekend, and happy phixing!

While the color filters deal with colors only including auto-correcting contrast, white-balance and color balancethe latter modify not only colors but also other characteristics; Phixr can create tilt-shift or lomography effects, add a center focus or a vignette, and combine color and lens filters creating truely unique effects with only one or two clicks.

Phixr - Online Photo Editor

You can also print the photo, or upload it to a photo sharing site of your choice. This amplified its light sensitivity significantly and thus constituted a major step towards the cameras of today. Posted in News and updates Comments Off. Picasa out, Google Photos in December 18th, Or: The foreground top image is the "on" image.

No sane person running a service or app, let alone one that has another window to the outside-FB-world such as phixr through its website, can sign this. In most cases, with one click.

When you are done editing, you can save your photo in various formats. This can be very useful for designing greeting cards. Other Tools Among those are tools to create HDR images using unsharp masksremove color noise "despeckle" or soften and sharpen photos. Text can be rotated, mirrored and placed freely ;hixr the photo.

Phixr's tool palette is nearly limitless: Three sliders allow adjustment. As a consequence, as of Aug 1,Phixr will no longer support Facebook in any way and ultimately disappear as a FB app.

Phixr Online Photo Editor

We again increased the size of some of the previews. Our blog is here. Please note that Phixr can only support blogs hosted on WordPress.

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